How to Find your size

There are several different shoes size system that are used worldwide. size-chart-table  

If it is difficult to find your shoes size, please measure your foot length with the following way prior to nothing us.

way to measure your foot size

How to measure for boots- Please fill out your measurement where field ‘Oder notes’ at the check out page.

How to measure leg length – Find a tape measure (or download our handy printable measuring tape here) and take a seat.
– Sit on a chair with your knees bent at 90 degrees in the flat floor.
– Measure up from the bottom of your heels straight up the back of your leg of where you want your boots to reach.
(Fore example: 1cm below the back of your knee).

How to measure your calf – If you want wear boots with leggings or skinny jeans, you have to measure wearing clothes.
– Sit on a chair and place your feet flat to the floor.
– Measure around widest part of your calf. Leave no gap, measure to the nearest 1cm.
– After measuring, send us the measurement of the widest part of your calves.

way to measure for boots