The banding flat became wedge by customer request

customize banding flats to wedge

Customer request own desing shoe from existing shoes.

She request modification follow shoes that “Robert banding flats-0.5cm

Her request:

Can I have 2.5 cm Platform with 5.5 cm Heel ? Pink color with size KR 210 Can I have the Espadrille material for my Platform and heel (see the attached for example)

At last complete the custom own design shoes as like follow:

Pink leather upper
Espadrille materia 2.5cm platform with 5.5cm heel
Pretty small shoes in sizes US2, EU32, UK13, 210MM

Request custom-made shoes

5 thoughts on “The banding flat became wedge by customer request

  1. Rhona W Gross says:

    I have a detailed series of drawings of a shoe I really want made up a specific way. May I send the drawings to you directly? I have a foot tracing and some slight variations on the same theme. I would rather not do the whole thing over the Internet as having a real, custom drawing is as good as having a real, custom made shoe.

  2. Shuk Kwong says:

    I really like this shoe’s style, the colors very match, the material very soft and comfortable. it really has summer and winter feel. good!!!!!

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