The question that to find perfect small shoes size

way to get foot length

I’m woman with small feet who have never worn fit well shoes. How can i know my correct shoes size?

Many people who women with small feet don’t know own correct shoes size. Because, difficult to finding small shoes. If you answer the questions below, it will be really helpful in finding your perfect shoe size.  Please email to  the answer for below question after copy the question then we will recommend your shoes size of our small shoes. small shoes size range in UK sizes 13, 1, 2, 3… US sizes 2, 3, 4, 5… Euro sizes 32, 33, 34, 35…
At last you can finding your perfect small shoes at

Most of our customers tell us their feet size only but it’s not easy to measure your feet size correctly. According to an angle of pen, it can be totally different. Shoes that made based on your shoes you usually wear could more fit on your feet. If you answer the question below, we guarantee that we can make the best shoes that fit your size well.

( Please answer question )

What’s your normal shoe size? Ex) 33EU or 3US or 1UK…, Does that size fit you well?
if it’s too small or big, how big or small is it?
Do you wear the same size when you wear all different types of shoes like closed-toe, open-toe, flats or sandals? if you wear different shoe sizes, please answer these questions.

<comparing to when you wear closed-toe pumps>
Ex) “open-toe: I wear ½size smaller”
How do you wear your shoes normally:
Wide, regular or narrow?
How did it feel when you wore that type of shoes?

Additionally, let me know if there is something you want to explain about your shoe size. It can be really helpful! If you haven’t had shoes that fit on your feet or don’t know your shoe size, please let me know after you measure your foot length with the following instructions.

Attention: There is possible to measure feet size own. So, Best way to find correct shoes size that cross check feet size and shoes size. So, Please inform your shoes size normally wear if possible.

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