The best way of finding perfect small shoes size is to measure your feet size?

Most petite women difficult to find good-fitting small size shoes. Even some women who have a small feet, they had never worn fit well small shoes.

So, that women think this way. The ultimate way of finding good-fitting shoes for yourself is to measure your feet size and get your own shoes based on it.

This is true, but also wrong in a way. If you visit an offline shop and directly get in touch with a professional to measure your feet size and create your shoes through the company, this is true.
However, there is more chance for it to be false if you were to create your own customized shoes based on the measurements you took yourself. It is very unlikely for you to get a correct measurement of your feet size if it’s self-measured.

If you look at most of the feet measurement guides, they will tell you to place your foot on a paper and trace the outline with a pen. From there, they suggest you to measure your feet from the heel all the way to the longest toe. However, it is quite difficult for an inexperienced person to maintain a 90 degree pen angle and trace along their feet precisely. When you’re drawing your feet’s outline, there may be significant difference on the number depending on how much you tilt your pen inwards and outwards.


Therefore, the most accurate way to obtain correct measurement of your feet is to take account of the shoes you wear on a daily basis.
For example)
– You normally wear 34 in European size, but the shoes take off easily because it is 1 size bigger.
– You normally wear shoe size 3 in American size, but it’s slightly bigger by ½.
– You normally wear 1 in European size. Closed-toe style fits you well, but open-toe style is slightly big.
– You normally wear 1 in European size. The length of the shoes fit you, but it feels tight because the width of your feet is wide.

If you purchase shoes using an online shop, providing information as such will give you more higher chance of finding shoes that fit you perfectly. The reason behind this is because although each country goes by different shoe sizes, this is based on an objective information obtained from an authorized size system. However, the measurements you took for yourself is highly likely that it is inaccurate since the beginning.

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8 thoughts on “The best way of finding perfect small shoes size is to measure your feet size?

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      You only pay return cost if not the shoes size not fit you.

    • JGshoe says:

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  1. Linda Fairfield says:

    Hi there, I am desperately trying to find new options for stylish, high heels and platforms in my size. I wear a size 2 from Cinderella of Boston; a size 32 in sandals from Alonai, but size 32 in closed toe shoes/boots are about a 1/2 size too big from Alonai. It is increasingly difficult to find current styles that are good quality. Please help.

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