How to stretch your too small shoes

way to stretch tight shoes

How To Stretch Your Too-tight or Small Shoes at Home

Have you ever hurt your feet after happily stepping out of your house with new pair of shoes that are too small or tight, or have you suffered with pain from shoes that are so uncomfortable that you can’t even walk or stand properly? If you haven’t experienced any of these, consider yourself lucky. However, don’t be relieved. The chance that you will experience such situation is more higher than the chance of not having to do so. As we live, it’s bound to happen!

Therefore, whether you have already experienced this struggle or not, learning such information will definitely come in handy. Now, you better bookmark this page to start off!

The two easiest ways to stretch out tight or small shoes

Most shoes have a space in front of the toes called “toe-room”. As for slightly small or tight shoes, if you use the following technique, you will be able to wear the shoes uncomfortably.

However, do keep in mind that there may be limits.

1. Freezing method of putting an water pack inside the shoes.

This technique is based on the water’s characteristic of expanding when it’s frozen.
To see YouTube vedio clip that freeze shoes with a bag of water
By Michelle Phan

2. Wearing the shoes with thick socks and drying it with a hair dryer

This technique is based on the material’s characteristic of elongating when heat is directly applied to it.
To see YouTube vedio clip that wear thick sock, then blow dry
By Lisa Pullano

The best way is to buy shoes that fit you perfectly when you’re shopping for shoes.
. What are ways to find shoes that fit you well?

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