Add mary-jane strap and change material

customize that heigher platform and add mary jane strap and change material

Customer create her own style shoes from existing shoes follow:

Satin big ribbon open-toe Kill Heels-13/14cm

Customer request costom-made shoes through email to us as follows:

I would like to order Satin big ribbon open-toe Kill Heels-13/14cm, but like to customize it, and I’m not sure how to put in the order with the changes. My feet are 21.8 cm long and 8.5 cm wide at the widest part. I’m not sure which size to choose. My toes are pretty skinny, and I don’t want there to be space on top of my toes.

I would like to have this shoe in red, and add a strap (like a mary-jane strap in this shoe, I want the heel to be a little thicker.


At last completed the custom-made open toe shoes follow specific

But, here ordered 14cm heel. but we have no thicker heel with 14cm. So, heel shape is not thicker.
Gorgeous red satin and 14cm heel with 4cm platform and mary-jane strap.

Request custom-made shoes

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